Setting Sail with the Dearborn Power Squadron
As a new member you may have many questions concerning your membership and the activities which you may wish to become
involved in. You may think that your questions are foolish but rest assured, all of our members are willing to assist you with
answers or guidance. Keep in mind that at one point in time we were all new to the Power Squadron and that we have all learned
from the experience and wisdom of other members.

and how you can become a contributor to this outstanding organization.
Fly your Power Squadron Ensign proudly!

And once again, welcome aboard!
The United States Power Squadron
Uniforms and insignia
The Myths ......  The Facts
Myth 1- You must own a yacht, cabin cruiser, schooner or other large boat and belong to a yacht club to become a member of the
United States Power Squadron.
Fact 1-Boat ownership is not a requirement for membership, only an interest in safe boating and an ambition to serve your
Myth 2- The meetings take up too much time.
Fact 2- General membership meetings are only held on the 3rd Thursday of the month and only between September and May.
Myth 3- Meetings are boring and just cover committee reports.
Fact 3- Each general membership meeting starts with a social hour, an optional dinner, and a brief business meeting and
concludes with a program/presentation designed around a boating topic or theme.
Myth 4- This is an organization for men only.
Fact 4- Definitely not! Our bylaws require only that a member be 16 years of age or older and have successfully completed the
Boating Course such as the one you’ve just completed.
Myth 5- Membership means all work and no play.
Fact 5- If this were the case, no one would bother becoming a member.
Welcome Aboard
The USPS uniform is the traditional English yachting uniform adopted
by the New York Yacht Club in 1844 and by all American yacht clubs
and many boating associations thereafter. The USPS uniform has
distinctive insignia designating educational achievement, rank and
service to the organization. However, it is not necessary to have a
uniform to participate in the events sponsored by the USPS.

USPS is a private, non-profit, non-governmental and
non-military organization of men, women and
families who are socially compatible and have a
common love of recreational boating. There are no
barriers to membership on the grounds of gender,
race, religion or ethnic background. USPS is
comprised of some 70,000 members in almost 450
local squadrons in virtually every state, Puerto Rico,
the Virgin Islands and more distant areas where
Americans congregate.
USPS is the world's largest private boating
Dearborn Sail and Power Squadron
How to become a member of the USPS?

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